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100 top founders

We’re scouting over 1500 startups in a single year to put the best asks on stage.

400 connectors

Connect with high-level executives and industry titans around the world

200 posts shared

Our posts are typically shared via a highly-connected audience

15 intimate encounters

Enjoy exclusive encounters (35-50 pax) in the midst of the bustle of large tech conferences

we engineer breakthrOugh moments

In pivotal moments, our network's importance becomes clear. Just like selling a house with each day's delay, founders face shared obstacles. But networking isn't always enough.

We’re seeking introductions to unlock new markets, secure daring clients, gain insights, fill team gaps, and engage influencers. Our mission: engineer these breakthroughs.



to become

the ted

of connections

TED built an incredible platform by shining the spotlight on the few ideas that everybody needed to hear. Help us do the same for founders.




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